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California DREAM Act

Only undocumented students complete this application

If you meet the eligibility criteria for an AB-540 student, then complete The  CALIFORNIA DREAM ACT APPLICATION  to receive financial assistance from the state to attend an accredited university, community college, or vocational school.


To Access The Application Go To:‎


The application period is from October 1- March 2, 2020




The financial aid process involves the following steps:


1. Gather all following documents if you have them. 

  • Your DACA SS# and your parents’ ITIN #.
  • Your Driver’s License if you have one
  • Your parents’ birth date(s)
  • Date of your parents’ marriage, divorce, legal separation, or widowhood
  • 2018 Federal tax forms, if your parents filed.
  • Records of untaxed income such as Supplemental Security, Welfare, Disability, Veterans benefits and child support information
  • Current business and investment mortgage information (business, stock, bonds)
  • Savings and Checking account statements


 2. Go to‎  

  •  Complete the application
  •  You and one of your parents need to sign it online
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: males should register for the selective service to receive financial aid. See Mrs. Corona to access the form.

3.  The Cal Grant GPA Verification

          The district electronically submitted your financial GPA to       the state.

           If there has been a mistake, please talk to Mrs. Corona.

4.  Review your California Aid Report (CAR) sent by the state government.


5. If you are applying to private schools, find out if you need to complete the

  • CSS Profile at Link Check with each university for the deadline. Some are due in January or February 2020.

6. Check your e-mail on a regular basis.
If you need assistance, please visit the College Center.



For more information, contact Mrs. Corona in the college center. 

Deferred Action Information

College Center Locker
2/20/14 6:18 PM
4/3/14 12:42 PM
2/7/19 12:29 PM
3/12/19 8:42 AM
1/23/19 10:37 AM


The Dream.US is a national scholarship fund that provides scholarships to students who want a college education but cannot afford one.

DREAMers helps charismatic students do just that. If you believe you have the academic achievement and motivation to succeed, visit The Dream and start applying.


  • Be first time student applying to an associate's or bachelor's degree program at one of THEDREAM.US partner colleges
  • 2.5 GPA or greater
  • Be DACA eligible

Deadline: February 2016


As an undocumented student you are eligible to pay the same tuition at any college or university as any legal resident or US citizen. Ms. Corona will gladly provide you with more information. Stop by the College Center today.
Since you may not apply for federal financial aid to pay for your eduation, you must rely on scholarships to cover your expenses. Do not miss the deadlines.
The websites below will provide you with great opportunities.
Open the file below to access a list of scholarships available to
AB-540 students.