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Business and Technology Academy

Academy Overview

 The Business and Technology Academy is designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers in areas of the business, financial and technological world. This Academy will offer you many opportunities to use technology including advance computer software programs. You may also take classes that cover accounting, business management, financing and marketing.


Is the Business and Technology Academy right for you?

Are you always on the Internet?
Do you enjoy creating your own web designs?
Are you good with details?
Are you organized?
Do you enjoy working with numbers?
Have you dreamed of running your own business?
Possible Career Pathways
Internet Publisher
Internet Designer
Computer Software Designer
Network Communicator
Small Business Owner
Information Support Provider
Computer Technician Accountant
Investment Banker
Current Academy Electives
Advertising and Design
Business Management
Exploring Computer Science
Mexican American Studies
Business and Technology
Contact Maria Aguillon  Maria Aguillon Title III Literacy Coach
Contact James Coney  James Coney Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Illeana Esparza  Illeana Esparza Teacher
Contact Tony Fernandez  Tony Fernandez Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Armando Franco  Armando Franco Teacher - Social Science
Contact Juan Jauregui  Juan Jauregui Teacher - Social Science
Contact Eva Joseph  Eva Joseph Teacher
Contact David Katz  David Katz Teacher - English
Contact Eileen Kodama  Eileen Kodama Head Counselor