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Contact Jacob Aguilar  Jacob Aguilar Teacher - Social Science
Contact Jessica Baron  Jessica Baron Teacher
Contact Paul Burgueno  Paul Burgueno Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Caitlin Callaghan  Caitlin Callaghan Teacher
Contact Cecilia Garcia  Cecilia Garcia Teacher - English
Contact Adrian Garibay  Adrian Garibay Teacher & Assistant Athletic Director
Contact Jose Hidalgo  Jose Hidalgo World Language Teacher
Contact Pamela Higgins  Pamela Higgins Teacher - Biology
Contact David Lavi  David Lavi (323) 568-5600 ex: 335 Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Laura Mikasa  Laura Mikasa ex: 5616 Problem Solving Data Coordinator
Contact Ildefonso Rangel  Ildefonso Rangel Teacher - Physical Education
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Club Rush 2020

Academic Decathlon

Advisor: Mr. Jacob Aguilar   Meeting Days/Times:   Monday-Thursday 3-5pm and 8-9am      Zoom: 858 9795 4953.     PW: 742530  

Cross Country/Track & Field

Advisor: Mr Garibay     Meeting Days/Times: Sunday-Thursday various times       Zoom: 869 2226 3329        PW: 328060

Girls Soccer
Policy Debate Team
HSM Club
Youth Action Club
Ethical Eaters

Advisor: Mr. Jacob Aguilar     Meeting Days/Times: Monday at 1:00pm   Meeting ID: 860 8258 6566  Passcode: 3579410 

Conspiracy Club

Advisor: Ms. Callaghan.   Meeting days: Thursday 2:30-3:00

Zoom: 859 7736 8769    Password: spook

Click to go to zoom meeting. 

Rams Boys Basketball

Advisor:  Mr. Rangel     Meeting Days/Times:  Wednesday at lunch. 

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Advisor:  Mr. Lavi.    Meeting Days/Times:  Fridays 2:30-3:00.   

Zoom:  842 4946 8822  PW: 7a427e

TUPE Intervention

Advisors: Mr. Gramajo and Mrs. Montes

Meeting day: Wednesday 1:15pm- 2:15PM

Meeting ID: 845 6334 4631

Passcode: 961420

Remind: afhcan

TUPE Prevention

Advisors: Mr. Gramajo and Mrs. Montes

Meeting day: Thursdays 1:15pm-2:15pm

Meeting ID: 883 1026 8686
Passcode: 050316
Remind: afhcan