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Daily Health Check Procedures
  • ●  Students, employees, and visitors enter the campus or work site through the designated Check-In area for the health screening procedures.

  • ●  The Daily Health Check includes answering health screening questions through the​ ​Daily Pass or in-person, and a temperature check using a no-touch thermometer.

  • ●  Individuals have the option to submit the responses to the Daily Health Check questions through the Daily Pass at home or before arriving to the Check-In area. A QR code is generated after the responses have been submitted electronically.

  • ●  Employees, students, parents, and visitors will need to display their Daily Pass QR code on their device for scanning. If an individual does not have a Daily Pass QR code on their device, the Welcomer will conduct the Daily Pass Health Check questions in-person.

  • ●  Once a Daily Pass is verified or granted in-person, the Welcomer will proceed to take the individual's temperature, using the no-touch thermometer provided by the District.

  • ●  Only after the temperature check is completed, can the individual be checked-in to access the school campus or District facility.

  • ●  If the scanner device malfunctions or the Daily Pass is not available, the Daily Pass Health Check questions and temperature check must still be conducted.

  • ●  If the individual has a temperature of 100°F or above, the temperature can be checked again immediately or direct the individual to wait in a designated area to get a second temperature reading. The temperature can be checked again after waiting for about 5 minutes.

  • ●  Entrance to the facility will NOT be issued if:

    • ○  The individual does not agree to the Daily Health Check questions.

    • ○  A temperature reading of 100°F or above is registered after a second reading.

    • ○  The individual is not issued a Daily Pass QR code due to a positive test result or identified as a close contact.

  • ●  Information about scheduling a COVID-19 test at one of the District’s testing sites will be shared with individuals who do not pass the Daily Health Check.

  • ●  If a student does not pass the Daily Health Check, the student will be escorted to the school’s designated isolation area. The school will contact the parent/guardian to make arrangements for the immediate pick-up of the student.

    Age Factor for Students:

    • ●  Students 13 years old and older may use the Daily Pass to conduct their own health check prior to arriving to the Check-In area or respond to the Daily Pass Health Check questions in-person.

      1. For technical support, contact the ITD Help Desk at (213) 241-5200. For questions related to the implementation of the Daily Pass Health Check, email DailyPass@lausd.netor review resources available in the Daily Pass website at

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