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ELAC CLASSES- Dual Enrollment

            early college program -asynchronous (pre-recorded) -classes start on - April 12, 2021- deadline to register: March 29, 2021  -Must complete the application online (there is no longer a paper application)

1. Political Science  1                             2. Psychology  1                  

  3. Communication Studies   101              4. Child Development 1                                     

Students must:

1. have a  reliable computer and wifi

2. be able to navigate Canvas- ELAC's platform 

COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING 3 STEPS to enroll for Spring 2021 

Step 1- If you have taken an ELAC course in the past year (Spring 2020 or Fall 2020), you do NOT need to reapply to ELAC.  Go to Step 2.

 If you have never applied to ELAC or if it has been more than a year since you applied, go to to create an account and complete an  ELAC application. For guidance, follow the step-by-step presentation on the right hand side "How to apply to ELAC Step-by-Step".

 After you submit it, you will get a confirmation number (CCCID #)  take a picture of it because you will have to add it on your google registration form under Step 2. 

 3-4 days after you submit the application you will receive your 9-digit ELAC ID # which starts with 90....

Step 2- Complete the following  google form


Step 3-Once you have your ELAC ID #,  sign in to your student's ELAC portal to access the online K-12 ELAC application through Dynamic Forms.  Watch this video that details the specific steps you and one of your parents must follow:

You could also access specific videos that show how to create an individual Dynamic  Forms  account :

Create a dynamic forms account:

Complete each section. Don't forget to add the term (Spring 2021), your ELAC ID, and the course you plan to take. It must be signed electronically by you and one of your parents!

IMPORTANT: on the ELAC dynamic form add my name and email under school's contact person: 

Celina Corona 

If you have any questions about the process contact Sergio Guerrero  from ELAC at or email Mrs. Corona at

Please make use of the resources listed on the right hand side related to:

1. Steps to apply to ELAC

2. Signing in to ELAC for the first time

2. Accessing ELAC's portal, Canvas, counselors, drop deadlines


College Center Locker
2/20/14 6:18 PM
4/3/14 12:42 PM
2/7/19 12:29 PM
3/12/19 8:42 AM
1/23/19 10:37 AM
If you cannot access the K-12 form on the ELAC portal, follow these steps!

Follow these steps I received from Sergio from ELAC.  Let Mrs Corona know if it does not work ( or reach out to him. His email address is at the bottom. 

Please click on the link below to access the Dynamic Forms website. You must create an account and then sign in to complete the K-12 form. 

Once you are signed into Dynamic Forms, please   click on the following link. 

Supplemental Application for Admission of Students in Grades K-12 

Please note that if you are not signed into Dynamic Forms, the second link will not work. 

If you need guidance on how to complete the K-12 form on Dynamic Forms, the following link will take you to our Link Tree to access helpful videos,  


​Feel free to contact  Sergio Guerrero if you need assistance: or  email me. 



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