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                         Dual enrollment  FALL 2020 ELAC CLASSES WILL BE ONLINE!!  
 Fall 2020 ELAC CLAsses- DUAL ENROLLMENT- asynchronous (pre-recorded) Classes be from Sept. 28th-Dec. 20, 2020. The deadline to register is September 14, 2020.   submit the google form under step # 5 below as soon as possible. 

1. Child Development                                                                    2. Psychology  1                                         3. Administration of Justice                                        

Students must have access to a reliable computer and wifi. They will  be expected to use Canvas, which is ELAC's platform to access information. 

STEPS to enroll in FALL 2020 ELAC classes:

Step 1- If you have taken an ELAC course in the past year (Fall 2019-Summer 2020) then go to step # 3.

Step 2- If you have never applied to ELAC or if it has been more than a year since you applied, go to to create an account and complete an  ELAC application. For instructions on how to complete the ELAC application please access the power point  presentation below under "Useful ELAC files or PPT presentations".After you submit it, you will get a confirmation number (CCCID #)  take a picture of it because you will have to add it on your google registration form.

    You will receive your ELAC ID #  3-4 days after you submit the application.  It is a 9-digit number that starts with 90....

Step 3- Once you have your ELAC ID #, email Mrs. Corona at to request an ELAC application. On your email YOU MUST  INCLUDE:

your name, date of birth, grade, the name of your counselor, your ELAC's ID #, and the title of the class you are requesting to take this FALL

Step 4- Once Mrs. Corona emails you the signed ELAC application, make sure you completely fill it out. Add the term (Fall 2020) , the class title, your ELAC ID, your personal information, and don't forget to sign it and get your parent's signature.   

Step 5- Finally, click on to access the google form you must complete. At the end you will need to upload your completed ELAC application. 

  Great ELAC resources:




  • Videos showing student to log on to Conex ed video and getting access to ELAC Student Services in) in as a guest)


  •   Link where students sign up for Open CCC and ELAC 


If you have any questions about the process contact Sergio Guerrero  from ELAC at or email Mrs. Corona at

Registration Workshops: September 8-11, 2:00pm-4:00pm

College Center Locker
2/20/14 6:18 PM
4/3/14 12:42 PM
2/7/19 12:29 PM
3/12/19 8:42 AM
1/23/19 10:37 AM