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Health Science and Medicine

Academy Overview

To produce young men and women who will be well-educated, responsible and conscientious health advocates for their community and go on to ensure a healthy and vibrant future for all.

To prepare students for college programs that lead to careers in the health services and/or the medical field. As a measure of their preparedness, every graduate of the Academy of Health Science & Medicine will be:

  • adept at working in cooperative groups
  • creative and critical thinkers
  • effective communicators
  • life-long learners
  • literate in all the major academic disciplines
  • professional in conduct
  • socially responsible



The Health Science and Medicine Academy is designed for students who are interested in careers involved in providing medical care, emergency service, research, pharmaceuticals and other health services. This academy will offer you learning opportunities to study the history of health care and medicine as well hands-on labs.
Is the Health, Science and Medicine Academy right for you?
Do you care deeply about the well-being of other people?
Do you like to figure out solutions to problems?
Are you interested in how the human body functions?
Are you intrigued by the ways medicine can be used to improve life?
Do you enjoy working with your hands?
Possible Career Pathways
Nutritionist Pathologist
Pharmacist Physical
Therapist Psychologist
X-ray Technician
Forensic Scientist
Lab Technician
Medical Assistant
Current Academy Electives
Food Science
Health Science Med
Contact America Alvarenga-P  America Alvarenga-P Diploma Project Adviser
Contact Joel Bergman  Joel Bergman Teacher - English
Contact Celina Corona  Celina Corona College Counselor
Contact Daniel Gallardo  Daniel Gallardo Counselor - Health Science and Medicine Academy
Contact Pamela Higgins  Pamela Higgins Teacher - Biology
Contact Matthew Hutchinson  Matthew Hutchinson Bridge Coordinator
Contact Charlie Lagarde  Charlie Lagarde Teacher - Biology
Contact Marvin Mendoza  Marvin Mendoza Teacher - Health
Contact Adriana Mora  Adriana Mora Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Jaqueline Rivera  Jaqueline Rivera Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Juana Solorio  Juana Solorio Teacher - English
Contact Michelle Touceda  Michelle Touceda Teacher - English
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