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Law, Government and Public Service

Academy Overview

The Law, Government, and Public Service Academy will prepare students for successful, life-long endeavors and public leadership so that they can become agents of change in their school, community, nation, and world through an emphasis in social justice. You will take classes that will prepare you for higher education and future careers in law, federal, state or local government, or in a community service agency. This academy also develops leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

Is the Law and Government Academy right for you?
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a public defender or an attorney?
Do you enjoy a good argument or debate?
Do you want be a detective or police officer?
Are you interested in knowing your rights as a citizen?
Do you like to watch how investigations unfold on shows such as CSI or Law and Order?
Possible Career Pathways
Social Worker
School Teacher, Principal, or Counselor
Police Officer Lawyer/Public Defender Judge
Detective Politician (governor, senator, or congressman)
FBI Agent (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
Current Academy Electives
Drawing Literature of Minorities
International Relations
Constitutional Law I & II
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Contact 1SG Clifford Henderson  1SG Clifford Henderson (323) 568-5681 Army Instructor - ROTC
Contact Rosa Hernandez  Rosa Hernandez Teacher
Contact Jose Hidalgo  Jose Hidalgo World Language Teacher
Contact Daniel Macedo  Daniel Macedo Teacher: Physics & Astronomy
Contact Trista Mayoral  Trista Mayoral Teacher - English
Contact Maria Medina-Perez  Maria Medina-Perez Teacher & Math Instructional Coach
Contact Pauline Sierra  Pauline Sierra Teacher - English
Contact Cynthia Valenzuela  Cynthia Valenzuela Teacher - Computers
Contact Alvin Walker  Alvin Walker Teacher