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Math Science and Engineering

Academy Overview


The Math, Science and Engineering Academy focuses on mathematics, science, and social sciences. As a member of this academy you will focus on the efficient functioning of a society in the operation, maintenance, and creation of systems that meet the population’s needs. You classes will focus on problem-solving and critical-thinking skills necessary to solve real-world engineering problems in addition to the development of oral and written communication. This academy experience will expose you to career professions by providing field trips, guest speakers, internships, and community services related to the emphasis of the academy.
Is the Math, Science and Engineering Academy right for you?
Do you like math and science?
Do you and your friends like to solve puzzles like Sudoku?
Do you like to work with numbers and computers?
Have you ever installed or helped install a car stereo?
Would you like to understand how an engine works?
Do you ever wonder why a bridge doesn’t collapse?
Possible Career Pathways
 Industrial Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Software Engineering
Civil Engineering
Math/ Banking
Astronaut Actuary
Current Academy Electives
Marine Biology
Science Fiction Literature
Wood Shop
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Contact Victoria Barkley  Victoria Barkley Teacher - Art
Contact LF Corona  LF Corona Counselor - Math, Science, and Engineering  Academy
Contact David Lavi  David Lavi (323) 568-5600 ex: 335 Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Ricardo Mora  Ricardo Mora Teacher - Biology
Contact Kimberly Reina  Kimberly Reina Teacher - English