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Staff/Faculty List

Contact Fernando Abarca  Fernando Abarca Teacher - Industrial Arts
Contact Jacob Aguilar  Jacob Aguilar Teacher - Social Science
Contact Maria Aguillon  Maria Aguillon Title III Literacy Coach
Contact America Alvarenga-P  America Alvarenga-P Diploma Project Adviser
Contact Joshua Arieta  Joshua Arieta Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Victoria Barkley  Victoria Barkley Teacher - Art
Contact Amy Benn  Amy Benn Teacher - Social Science
Contact Joel Bergman  Joel Bergman Teacher - English
Contact Paul Burgueno  Paul Burgueno Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Zaide Caballero-Chavez  Zaide Caballero-Chavez Teacher
Contact Flavia Cabrera-Rodgers  Flavia Cabrera-Rodgers Psychiatric Social Worker
Contact Jose Casagran  Jose Casagran Teacher
Contact Jade Casarez-Gutierrez  Jade Casarez-Gutierrez Counselor - Business and Technology Academy
Contact Kelly Choi  Kelly Choi (323) 568-5600 ex: 5720 Categorical Program Advisor/TSP Advisor
Contact Mayra Cisneros  Mayra Cisneros Teacher
Contact James Coney  James Coney Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Celina Corona  Celina Corona College Counselor
Contact LF Corona  LF Corona Counselor - Math, Science, and Engineering  Academy
Contact Maria Cortes  Maria Cortes Teacher - Art
Contact Jose De Leon  Jose De Leon Plant Manager
Contact Gavin Edmundson  Gavin Edmundson Teacher & Athletic Director
Contact Illeana Esparza  Illeana Esparza Teacher
Contact Rolando Espinoza  Rolando Espinoza Teacher
Contact Tony Fernandez  Tony Fernandez Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Wendy A. Flores  Wendy A. Flores (323) 568-5671 Payroll and Purchasing Staff
Contact Armando Franco  Armando Franco Teacher - Social Science
Contact Afrodita Fuentes  Afrodita Fuentes Teacher - Biology
Contact Daniel Gallardo  Daniel Gallardo Counselor - Health Science and Medicine Academy
Contact Alejandro Garcia  Alejandro Garcia (323) 568-5663 School Administrative Assistant
Contact Alejandro Garcia  Alejandro Garcia (323) 568-5600 ex: (323) 568-5663 Sys Admin
Contact Cecilia Garcia  Cecilia Garcia Teacher - English
Contact Adrian Garibay  Adrian Garibay Teacher & Assistant Athletic Director
Contact Ryan Garrison  Ryan Garrison Teacher
Contact Deborah Gatchell  Deborah Gatchell Teacher - Biology
Contact Leo I. Gonzalez  Leo I. Gonzalez Principal
Contact Patricia Gonzalez  Patricia Gonzalez Teacher
Contact Ruben Gonzalez  Ruben Gonzalez Teacher
Contact Eric Guarin  Eric Guarin Teacher - Chemistry
Contact Wendy Hamamoto  Wendy Hamamoto (323) 568-5646 ex: 5646 Assistant Principal
Contact 1SG Clifford Henderson  1SG Clifford Henderson (323) 568-5681 Army Instructor - ROTC
Contact Nancy Henriquez  Nancy Henriquez Teacher - English
Contact Amy Hernandez  Amy Hernandez Teacher
Contact Javier Hernandez  Javier Hernandez Teacher - English
Contact Lorena Hernandez  Lorena Hernandez Teacher - Chemistry
Contact Rosa Hernandez  Rosa Hernandez Teacher
Contact Jose Hidalgo  Jose Hidalgo World Language Teacher
Contact Pamela Higgins  Pamela Higgins Teacher - Biology
Contact Jessica Hinojosa  Jessica Hinojosa Teacher
Contact Eliana Huerta  Eliana Huerta Teacher - Spanish
Contact Matthew Hutchinson  Matthew Hutchinson Bridge Coordinator
Contact Juan Jauregui  Juan Jauregui Teacher - Social Science
Contact Ricardo Jimenez  Ricardo Jimenez Teacher
Contact Heidi Johnson  Heidi Johnson Librarian
Contact Eva Joseph  Eva Joseph Teacher
Contact David Katz  David Katz Teacher - English
Contact Eileen Kodama  Eileen Kodama Head Counselor
Contact Charlie Lagarde  Charlie Lagarde Teacher - Biology
Contact Sandra Landeros  Sandra Landeros Teacher
Contact Jahaira Largaespada  Jahaira Largaespada Teacher: Social Science & Department Chair
Contact David Lavi  David Lavi (323) 568-5600 ex: 335 Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Kristin Legaspi-Valdez  Kristin Legaspi-Valdez Teacher
Contact Violeta Llamas  Violeta Llamas Teacher - Health
Contact Charity Lopez  Charity Lopez Teacher
Contact Lori Lopez-Rodriguez  Lori Lopez-Rodriguez Counselor
Contact Daniel Macedo  Daniel Macedo Teacher: Physics & Astronomy
Contact Lisette Maciel  Lisette Maciel Teacher
Contact Christian Maduro  Christian Maduro Teacher
Contact Ricardo Marquez  Ricardo Marquez Counselor - Law, Government and Public Service Academy
Contact Darell Martinez  Darell Martinez Teacher - Social Science
Contact Trista Mayoral  Trista Mayoral Teacher - English
Contact Maria Medina-Perez  Maria Medina-Perez Teacher & Math Instructional Coach
Contact Marvin Mendoza  Marvin Mendoza Teacher - Health
Contact Laura Mikasa  Laura Mikasa ex: 5616 Problem Solving Data Coordinator
Contact Adriana Mora  Adriana Mora Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Ricardo Mora  Ricardo Mora Teacher - Biology
Contact Edwin Moraila  Edwin Moraila Teacher & Math Instructional Coach
Contact Rose Muniz  Rose Muniz (323) 568-5606 Substitute Coordinator
Contact Hermelinda Murillo  Hermelinda Murillo Teacher
Contact Rodney Napoltes  Rodney Napoltes Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Ramiro Nevarez  Ramiro Nevarez Teacher - Social Science
Contact Amada Padilla  Amada Padilla (323) 568-5600 ex: 5619 Assistant Principal
Contact Jorge Palomo  Jorge Palomo Teacher
Contact Timothy Poppin  Timothy Poppin Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Steve Ramirez  Steve Ramirez Teacher - English
Contact Ildefonso Rangel  Ildefonso Rangel Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Kimberly Reina  Kimberly Reina Teacher - English
Contact Jaqueline Rivera  Jaqueline Rivera Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Yoshigei Rizo  Yoshigei Rizo Teacher
Contact Carlos Robles  Carlos Robles Teacher - Art
Contact Carmen Romero  Carmen Romero Teacher
Contact Ana Rosas  Ana Rosas Cheer Head Coach
Contact Frank Sacramento  Frank Sacramento Teacher - Social Science
Contact Evelyn Sanchez  Evelyn Sanchez Teacher - Spanish
Contact Harry H. Sanchez  Harry H. Sanchez Assistant Principal
Contact Rowland Santos  Rowland Santos Instructional Technology Coordinator
Contact Monica Shah  Monica Shah Teacher - English
Contact Pauline Sierra  Pauline Sierra Teacher - English
Contact Juana Solorio  Juana Solorio Teacher - English
Contact Qing Tao  Qing Tao Teacher - Manderin
Contact Terrall Thompson  Terrall Thompson (323) 568-5681 Senior Army Instructor, LTC
Contact Ted Tom  Ted Tom Teacher - Social Science
Contact Eric Torres  Eric Torres Staff
Contact Michelle Touceda  Michelle Touceda Teacher - English
Contact Myrna Tovar Beresewicz  Myrna Tovar Beresewicz Teacher - Spanish
Contact Imelda Tovar  Imelda Tovar Teacher - Spanish
Contact Anthony Trevizo  Anthony Trevizo IT Support Technician
Contact Cynthia Valenzuela  Cynthia Valenzuela Teacher - Computers
Contact Allison Chontelle Vargas  Allison Chontelle Vargas Teacher - French
Contact Delano Vasquez  Delano Vasquez Teacher
Contact Laura Vasquez  Laura Vasquez Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Kelley Martinez  Kelley Martinez Teacher - Chemistry
Contact Alvin Walker  Alvin Walker Teacher
Contact Paul Wilkens  Paul Wilkens Teacher - Art