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Meet Your Peer College Counselors!

Our job is to assist you on your journey to college. Find us daily at the college center if you need any help.


Period 1

Delilah Brown:


Andy Cristales:


Alan Dominguez:


Jesus Gonzalez:

Period 2

Nataly Flores:


Vanessa Garcia:


Vicky Hernandez:


Natalie Morales: 

Period 3

Juan Flores:


Esteban Flores:


Ashley Perez:


Ferddie Villatoro:

Period 4

Alexander Alvarado:


Daniel Arce:


Aranza Carrillo:


Holguer Povea: 

Period 5

John Gonzalez:


Michelle Sanchez:


Roxanna Tejeda:


Emmanuel Villanueva:

Period 6

Minerva Padilla:


Tanairy Robles:


Kathleen Sanchez: